In my previous blog, I discussed a number of places you can find data for various research projects. However, there are times where the data you need may not be easy to come by. In such cases, you can generate data. Here I will review a number of ways you might wish to do just that. I’ll start with general methods that don’t require any prior background in a coding environment and conclude with methods requiring some background in python.

There are a number of sites that offer a limited ability to create data in a pinch for free. They often have paid features which will vastly increase the amount of data you can create. They have similar functionality so I’ll just review one.

Mockaroo is one such site. You can start creating data immediately and for free but you’ll be limited in terms of of how much data can be created. I started poking around creating data because as an HR professional in people analytics, it is not easy to come by data related to employees.