• Anastasia Gorina

    Anastasia Gorina

    Data scientist, Math and Physics enthusiast. Enjoy working on ML projects about beauty products and fine cuisine.

  • Grace Park

    Grace Park

    Data Scientist | Sports enthusiast with a background in Educational Counseling | Connect with me :) linkedin.com/in/gracejihaepark/

  • Julia Chong

    Julia Chong

  • Andrew Triola

    Andrew Triola

  • Yish Lim

    Yish Lim

    Data Scientist | Machine Learning Engineer https://www.linkedin.com/in/yishuen-lim/

  • Ed Haracz

    Ed Haracz

    Data science, finance and real estate

  • Robert Alterman

    Robert Alterman

    Data Scientist | B.S. in Information Analysis from University of Michigan School of Information | linkedin.com/in/robertalterman/ | github.com/ralterman

  • Anita Guo

    Anita Guo

    Data Scientist | https://www.linkedin.com/in/anita-guo-8a44aa28/ | https://github.com/anitaguo49

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