(Draft- Needs substantial editing and additional materials)

The actual program consisted of six modules of which the first module covered basic Python programming and was roughly parallel to what we had already been working on in the free online platform.

Right off the bat we were thrown into this environment an what I could tell immediately about flatiron as a school was was that it’s a place that exudes the sense of positive iti and the sense that really anybody can anybody can do this and I was so appreciative of that again because I did have a lot of doubts and I felt that all of that positive reinforcement if I was going to succeed in any environment it was going to be an environment like that I had felt that beforehand before the actual course began but but really that continued well into the program itself so I was exceedingly thrilled by that and so at that point beginning in the program the first week was just a struggle to get going there were so many challenges initially that that we that I ran into as a student ’cause all of a sudden it was no longer a matter of justice code this or code that particularly the first couple days when we were setting up an entire data science environment on your computer that was something I had never had to do before working with the terminal and setting setting up your connecting your GitHub page to your terminal and understanding how to go back and forth understanding how to pull the lectures which were all posted on to GitHub so that was an immense challenge in terms of getting up to speed immediately just to do the base to master the basic mechanics of the course and to be quite honest it was not something that I mastered right away it was something that I struggled well into the second month of the course before I started to feel more comfortable with kind of routine tasks I remember at one point early on I had written down in my notebook the instructions for how to actually pull a lecture an every single lecture I referred to the to my written down instructions and had to follow it and it was almost like if I tried to do it by myself without without referring to my notes it would be impossible I’m smiling about that now because I haven’t used that that notebook in in in six months at this point and haven’t needed to so at a certain point it just begins to click but not immediately and not obviously so so the beginning of the course really focused on Python the second module was on data engineering and it really isn’t until about the third Module that you begin to start working with modeling